Thursday, September 8, 2011

New little project by Simply Put!

Good morning!  I finished stitching on a little project by one of our upcoming designers for the magazine!  You will love what she made for the Summer issue, but you will have to wait to see that! Her name is Laural Arestad (hope I got the spelling right!) and her pattern website is She has really nice things, so go check them out! Here is a picture of one of my favorites, all ready to quilt! I think I'll quilt it by hand! This one is called "Count your Blessings."
Oh, speaking of hand quilting, I finished quilting and binding my little hexagons quilt, but then accidentally erased the picture I was going to post! I'll try to remember to take another today. 

Remember I was talking about the changes at the Woolen Willow?  WELL, I have sweet talked my honey into painting for us! Here he is!.....

He is a keeper!!!  He hates to paint, but does such a good job! No drop cloth or tape! Makes my wrist hurt just thinking about how big this place is! LOL! here are more pictures, some walls have the quilts back up again, and of course, in different spots than they were before! Why not move things around while you can, right???

I am loving the new color! It is called Paprika!  I'm thinking I might have to paint my sewing room this color too!  Two walls to go, and then I'm gonna try and sweet talk honey into doing two walls in the wool room! Wish me luck!!!
    Have a great day everyone! Hope you all get in some sewing time!


  1. Love the new paint job!! Your shop looks amazing...MY kind of shop!!


  2. Love the new color, makes everything stand out and shows off the colors better.

    Can't wait to see your hexagons, I pulled out the small topper I made last year, think it will be easier to hand quilt.


  3. Oh, I like that paint color! Thanks for the link to Laural's website, I like the pattern you shared and also the one with the 2 story log cabin - my dream home. ~Ann

  4. Hi, Gabriela from TQ in Canfield....some of us are going to come visit at the end of the month on our way to a retreat!I had the pleasure of visiting last year and the girls are dying to see your shop!
    See you then!

  5. I recognise your little quilt. It's the one you made me last Christmas for the Swap and I love it.
    Great colour on the walls!

  6. Paulette, Debbie and Ann! Thanks so much, it is really coming along nicely! I got more arranging done yesterday! Debbie, you'll have to post a picture of your hexagons all quilted too! I took a new picturee last night! Ann, I'm so glad you went to Laurals website! She is great!

    Gabriela! I am so glad you are coming back for a visit and bringing friends! We'll be there to great you!

    Dorothy! The little quilt I made you, was a Cheri Payne pattern! They are great, and I made one for myself too! Still have a little bit of stitching to do though. I really really loved it, and am so glad you love it too!

    Thanks for commenting ladies!