Monday, July 25, 2011

Hexagons! They are addictive!

Hi there!  I have been making little hexagon blocks like crazy!  We got a wonderful book in the shop called "Civil War Sewing Circle" by Kathleen Tracy a little while ago and have been nuts about all the projects in it!  I had my Small quilts club on Friday, and instead of designing something for it like usual, I decided to give my brain a small break and work from this book!  We ordered one in for everyone in the group, and I called them all to have them bring their own fabric this time. Some did, and some used a kit, but we had a lot of fun! No machines this time, and I think everyone just might be hooked!  I'm not sure which project we will do next, but they are all great in the book, so it will be good no matter which one.  Gretchen took home some fabric and a book to make one of the projects and we are doing kits of a lot of them at the shop. It's a good thing too, because it is kind of empty looking with everything on the way to Long Beach for a show later this week!  So fear not! If you are going to the shop, we are working on new kits and wool to leave behind while we are gone! I hear the girls might run a sale while we are gone too!  I have a picture here of a few little blocks!
Also, here is a new quilt I just finished, or just a peak! It is called "The Great Pumpkin." I'll put up a new picture in a day or so. I just finished the quilting and forgot to take a picture today while I was working on the instructions and templates! So just a peak for now!

Last month's small quilt club project was a patriotic quilt that I called "Give me Liberty!"  It had little wonky blocks with embroidery of patriotic words or phrases from songs!

Thanks for following along!  We leave for Long Beach California Wednesday evening! I can't wait to get out there! I hope if any of you live near there, you come to the show to meet us! It is always so fun to put faces with names!
      Have a great evening!


  1. Love the fabrics you used in the projects, really nice shades.


  2. I can't wait to see the pumpkin quilt! ~Ann

  3. Thanks Ann and Debbie!